Maryland Senior Olympics

Maryland Senior Olympics
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Hello & Welcome

Welcome to the 2022 Maryland Senior Olympics!

We are glad you are joining us for our 2022 events! We look forward to safely hosting the Maryland Senior Olympics!

Please read the following information before registering. We also encourage you to check out sport details on our website.

If you need help with the online registration system at any point please click on the contact us link below.

Payment through PayPal (accepts PayPal OR credit card) is required at the time of registration. Registrations are not completed until payment has been made.

Partnered Events

  • Partnering with someone of a different age is fine. The system will only allow you to register in your own age group, once linked with your partner you will automatically be placed in the correct age group. Do not change your date of birth to register into a different age group, you will be disqualified. 
  • Please be ready with your partner's name, email and date of birth. 
  • Though we try to assist when we can, we are not responsible for finding partners. Please use the NSGA partner finder found on their website if you are seeking a partner. 

At the end of the registration process you should receive two emails. One will be a receipt and the other a confirmation email. If you do not receive these emails within 24 hours (check your spam or junk folder) please contact us.

The email address provided will be used to communicate important event updates. Competition details will be emailed out after the registration deadline for your sport(s).

There are risks associated with participating in all of our events. The Maryland Senior Olympics Commission requests that every participating athlete consult his or her physician to evaluate their physical condition and determine your safe level of competition. 

We highly recommend athletes be fully vacinated before participating in our events. If you do not feel well, please stay home, we'll refund your registration. Some events may require COVID-19 protocols according the the sports governing body or state/local jurisdiction requirements. These details will be provided and updated as we get them. 

Time to Register!
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